Doctors with Africa CUAMM invites you all to “Research for quality health cooperation: an African perspective on lessons and results” which will be held at Palazzo Bo, Main Hall, Via VIII Febbraio n. 2, on Saturday, June 8,2024 from 9:30 to 1:00 pm.
Discussions on health-related issues and health system management will drive the debate during the event meant to bring attention to the pivotal role of scientific research in health cooperation in Africa before rising emergencies.

Research does have the potential to provide a better understanding of contexts therefore drive successful and respectful implementation in collaboration with local institutions and communities. Such approach is key to assess both accessibility and quality of health services, identify social determinants, evaluate technological advances and social innovations through community-driven engagement.

To outline paths and future perspectives for research in Africa, we will engage in dialogue with representatives from International and African research institutions, giving voice to field experiences, youth, the Italian academia, and private foundations.



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