Born 52 years ago in Atiak, Gulu district, Uganda, Magdalene Awor became a midwife in 2008 and since 2014 she works with Doctors with Africa CUAMM in South Sudan. A special woman, a highly motivated and passionate professionist who represents a Africa protagonist of its own future. On February 21st she was awarded the prestigious prize “Guardian of Life” by the Pontificial Academy for Life in Vatican City. An award that was given to her the day after a meeting with Pope Francis.
It is a meaningful and powerful award for a woman so deeply committed to her work carried out in South Sudan, on the front line of maternal and newborn care to support mothers and provide them care during pregnancy, as they give birth and after the baby is born. Since 2014, Magdalene is also responsible for the educational program as she is the Head of the School for Nursing and Midwifery in in Rumbek, South Sudan a task that she had previously held in Lui.
«I am excited and honored for the award I was given. This is not only for me but for every woman in South Sudan and for their daily struggle for living- says Magdalene Awor.-The role of midwives and nurses is crucial in a country like South Sudan where maternal mortility rate is among the highest in the world. Education is hence key to allow the youth to better know the risks and challenges that women may face during pregnancy. My inner desire is to live in a country where mothers and children are healthy from conception to delivery and after it. That is why I keep telling my students that they need to act because mothers and newborns in need are thousands and they deserve a chance. We can do better only if we are together».
Currently, Magdalene supports 32 nursing students and 20 aspiring midwives in their studies as well as in their clinical activities

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