870 attendees, with the most representative profile being medical doctors, nurses, medical students and health/social workers, have recently completed Just in Time in low resource settings (JIT) learning course and have therefore gained the certificate of attendance. They are both members of our team on-the ground, health professionals from both the 8 countries where CUAMM operates and beyond. Among the attendees, 137 representatives and members of 27 FBOs coming from 25 African countries.

JIT is the first free online course on disaster preparedness and emergency response designed by Doctors with Africa CUAMM in collaboration with CRIMEDIM – Research Center in Emergency and Disaster Medicine at University of Eastern Piedmont and delivered from March to October 2023. The course was developed for the first time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the organization’s work to support the Italian health system in managing the pandemic crisis and containing the number of cases. As a result, CUAMM formed 765 Italian health professionals in JIT course from March 2021 to April 2022. Based on the lessons learned, the JIT course was re-designed to address the response capacity during emergency hence tailored to the diverse contexts across the African continent. The training curriculum was composed of 7 modules with a total duration of 6 hours designed to navigate concepts such as preparednessresponse and mitigation and provide healthcare workers with disaster-related competencies.

A month after the completion of the course, we draw conclusions hearing the feedback from those who attended the first edition of Just in Time.

«It has been very educative and helpful in terms of expanding my knowledge on emergency response in disasters. I look forward to more learning opportunities in the future»

Clare Ameri from Uganda.


Among the learning objectives: provide healthcare workers with a common background of knowledge and information about disaster-specific information; provide healthcare workers with the adequate competencies to proficiently and safely work inside any healthcare facility during any disasters; understand the working principles and the standard operating procedures to be adopted in preparation for, during or in the aftermath of a disaster; understand basic principles of disaster medicine and public health emergencies.

«I have gained a lot of very important and vital information for disaster management. I have no doubt recommending it to anyone who wants to get information about disaster management»

Amani Mosha from Tanzania


The training package was widely attended all across Africa thanks to both the support received by local networks such as PACTPAN (Pan-African Catholic Theology and Pastoral Network) and the delivery method. The online attendance and the english distribution were indeed key to reach a wide audience of professionals, from CUAMM staff on the ground to healthcare workers, to FBOs.

«This course helped a lot my professional life as it takes the knowledge I already had, a little further and improves my performance»

Cassimo Manuel Saide from Mozambique






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