«From the 6th to the 8th of September an important meeting about Nutrition took place in Dodoma, Tanzania. This event was defined “memorable” by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa: during the meeting we saw the official launch of National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan 2016-2021. All main donors and international partners were there.

One other thing about that meeting is memorable: the Minister of Finance Mr. Mpango’s declaration. He promised to allocate, for the first time in Tanzania, an amount of around 6 million dollars for Nutrition activities.

This was an important event for CUAMM because we could present to a lot of important actors our two biggest ongoing programs on Nutrition, which we are developing with CIFF and UNICEF respectively. It was important also because we received an award by the Prime Minister in person. We were the only ones among NGO to receive it.

The award represents a huge recognition for our stubborn work to fight malnutrition in Tanzania».

Edoardo Occa, Project Manager in Tanzania

Many international organizations like UNICEF, WFP (World Food Program), Banca Mondiale, Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità, Irish AID, CIFF (Children Investment Fund Fundation), FAO, USAID, took part to the Joint Multisectoral Nutrition Review (JMNR) called “Good Nutrition: a key to Industrial Development in Tanzania”. At the meeting were invited also development partners like Doctors with Africa CUAMM and institutions like the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Health and nutritionists coming from 185 districts in the country.

The event gave the chance to officially launch the National Multisectoral Nutrition Action Plan 2016-2021, with the aim to coordinate and support the cooperation among all the participants in the most effective manner. The ultimate objective is to allow everyone to access good nutrition.

Consegna del premio a Edoardo Occa, esperto comunitario capo progetto

Edoardo Occa, Project Manager, receives the award

In Tanzania, Doctors with Africa CUAMM is working hard on Nutrition in 5 regions in the country: Iringa, Njombe, Simiyu, Ruvuma e Dodoma. People representative of the team working in each of the 5 regions could participate to the event, to present all the results of the last two years.

In Tanzania, 34.4% of children under 5 years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition (stunting) and SAM (severe acute malnutrition) hits 4.5% of the population. Women suffering from anaemia between 15 and 49 years of age are 44.7% of the population and we see an increase of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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