Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality in the world. About one mother in a hundred does not survive the birth of her child. Ebola caused many deaths in this already dramatic situation.

On November 7, Sierra Leone was finally declared Ebola-free. In addition to the deaths caused directly by the epidemic (the worst since the virus was discovered), there was much collateral damage. Hospitals and health centers suffered particularly, closed due to the massive loss of health personnel and fear of contagion, leaving entire populations long without access to basic health services.

Doctors with Africa CUAMM accepted the health authorities of Sierra Leone’s request to support the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital in Freetown (PCMH), the main hospital for mothers and children. CUAMM connected the hospital’s rebirth to the memory of Don Luigi Mazzucato, its long-time director. PCMH is the main maternal and child hospital in Freetown and supports a population area of over 1 million.

With the support of Cooperazione Italiana, the Prosolidar Foundation, and the Cariparo Foundation, we are working through this cooperation to bring the PCMH back to its pre-Ebola levels. We are focused especially on restoring safe neonatal health services and improving the quality of maternal and child health. We are meanwhile staying vigilant in terms of epidemiological surveillance of the post-Ebola situation.

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