Last week, in Nairobi, CUAMM’s representatives from Uganda, Mozambique and the UK, Researchers from Kent University and representatives from Amref Health Africa, have come together in a workshop to discuss about Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine acceptability in African contexts.

According to WHO, every minute, one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer and nearly 90% of cervical cancer deaths are women living in LMICs. These deaths are largely preventable through vaccination. Indeed, HPV vaccination is an important primary prevention intervention in a comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and control programme. However, only few Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) have a universal vaccination programme. Doctors with Africa CUAMM is already working to tackle cervical cancer in Ethiopia.

During this workshop, partners discussed opportunities and priorities for collaborative research to help identify strategies for improving the situation in different contexts. At the end of the week, CoHRA – the Coalition for Health Research in Africa was born, with the aim to conduct interdisciplinary research in Africa, to answer research questions generated from the field.

CUAMM strongly believes in the importance of conducting operational research. It is an integral part of CUAMM’s strategic plan, it complements its work on the ground, helping delivering increasingly effective results, to improve health and wellbeing for the most vulnerable.


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