SkinLabo, always alongside women, gives life to an important initiative with CUAMM, supporting the Maternity ward of the Anyeke Health Center in Uganda.

The desire to support this project comes from a strong closeness of values ​​between our brand and Doctors with Africa CUAMM: make health and body care accessible to all.
The mission of this important initiative is to support the hospital with doctors and nurses who can help mothers and newborns, to ensure rapid, direct and immediate healthcare support.
Also for this reason, SkinLabo chooses to be at the side of all women, every day.

We will equip the hospital with 10 beds with rails, 3 oxygen concentrators, 2 digital pulse oximeters, 2 neonatal resuscitation masks, 2 digital neonatal bliances, 2 pediatric stethoscopes.

A few targeted, concrete, intelligent choices are enough to achieve a great goal. Make the right choice, contribute to the Smart Charity too!

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