Today, at Doctors with Africa CUAMM’s headquarters in Padua, saw the presentation of our “Italian Response to COVID-19” intervention plan, part of CUAMM’s broader program for Italy that leverages our organization’s network of volunteers and partnerships with health professionals and trainers to continue to tackle the Covid-19 emergency. Centered around prevention, the plan focuses in particular on the weakest and most marginalized groups of society, and – thanks to the year-long support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – involves partnerships with health facilities, universities, umbrella associations and volunteer groups throughout Italy.

Speakers at the presentation included representatives from USAID and the United States Embassy in Italy, as well as from CUAMM support groups around Italy and several other partners involved in the plan.

As Don Dante Carraro, director of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, explained: “Covid-19 underscores how crucial it is to think about health increasingly in global terms. In recent years CUAMM’s commitment in this area has involved a focus on our work with university-based health trainers and our support groups in Italy. Now we are eager to expand the sharing of this experience and know-how with our own communities, putting it even more at their service during this health crisis. As we at CUAMM ponder the recent words of the President of the Republic, who called for ‘a commitment to help rebuild the fabric of our society, strengthening our ability to handle upcoming crises and reviving our confidence in the future’, we feel compelled to do our own part, and want to thank our many partners for supporting us in this effort – especially USAID, for standing side by side with us in this huge challenge.”

Awareness-raising, training, and – last but not least – support to health facilities and the most vulnerable: these are the keywords of CUAMM’s emergency response plan.

THE NUMBERS: 27 volunteer groups | 3,800 volunteers | 11 Italian regions  | 39 universities  |  12,000 junior doctors 25,000 food kits distributed

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