Maternal and child health

4 October 2018

Decision Making and Situational Awareness in Neonatal Resuscitation in Low Resource Settings

2018-12-04T12:02:22+01:004 October 2018|

Cavicchiolo M.E., Cavallin F., Staffler A., Pizzol D., Matediana E., Wingi O.M., Da Dalt L., Putoto G., Trevisanuto D.
Resuscitation, 2018 October

The aim of this study was to assess the non-technical skills of the midwifery staff at Mozambique’s Beira Central Hospital to manage complex health situations. Indicators assessed included staff members’ management of their own tasks (e.g., the ability to understand priorities and to use available resources), team work (e.g., the ability to coordinate and to [...]

4 September 2018

Neonatal tactile stimulation at birth in a low-resource setting

2018-12-04T11:55:48+01:004 September 2018|

Pietravalle A., Cavallin F., Opocher A., Madella S., Cavicchiolo M.E., Pizzol D., Putoto G., Trevisanuto D.
BMC Pediatrics, 2018 September

Our study reviewed and evaluated the neonatal stimulation of 150 newborns at the Beira Central Hospital in Beira, Mozambique. In low-resource settings, such manual stimulation can be of critical importance in the resuscitation of infants who are having difficulty breathing. Monitoring the stimulations performed on the 150 newborns, for a total of 546 separate episodes [...]