Maternal and child health

29 January 2020

Considering the gender narrative in the mirror of reality. How women consider and manage their right to health in some pastoralist tribes of South Omo Zone (Ethiopia)

2020-04-29T15:05:30+02:0029 January 2020|

Micheli I.
La ricerca folklorica. Archive and Ethnography: the case of Europe’s Sinti and Roma (19th21st centuries) a cura di Elisabeth Tauber e Paola Trevisan

This paper is one of the outcomes of the International Cooperation project “Mothers and Children First: newborn, children and women’s health care among the pastoralist communities of the South Omo Zone, Ehtiopia” funded by AICS and carried out by the Italian NGO Doctors with Africa CUAMM in 2016-2017. Despite the project’s main objective was the [...]