The aim of this study was to assess the non-technical skills of the midwifery staff at Mozambique’s Beira Central Hospital to manage complex health situations. Indicators assessed included staff members’ management of their own tasks (e.g., the ability to understand priorities and to use available resources), team work (e.g., the ability to coordinate and to exchange information with colleagues), situational awareness (e.g. the ability to anticipate situations of risk) and decision-making (e.g., the ability to balance risks).

We found no substantial changes or improvements when assessing the performance of the midwifery staff before and after their participation in a neonatal resuscitation (NR) training course. One hundred and fifty videos of NR situations were recorded: 50 prior to the course, 50 following the course and 50 after the midwifery staff took part in another low-dose/high-frequency training course. The neonatologists who viewed the videos (both with expertise in high-fidelity simulation) found that staff performance was inadequate in terms of most of the indicators under consideration both prior to and following the courses, pointing up the need to implement a different training approach.