10 November 2016

Beira Researchers on a Neonatology Visit

2016-11-10T13:20:11+01:0010 November 2016|

A delegation of Italian and Norwegian research workers recently visited Beira Central Hospital and sites where Doctors with Africa CUAMM is working.

25 July 2016

Mozambique New support for youth in the fight against Aids

2016-07-25T14:26:50+02:0025 July 2016|

Starting on August 1, we'll be able to count on the support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation to help the youth of Beira in the fight against AIDS. Our focus will be on raising awareness and peer education to encourage testing and combat the fear and stigma associated with HIV.

25 July 2016

Fight against Aids in Tanzania Commitment and new strategies

2016-07-25T12:52:46+02:0025 July 2016|

Tanzania has a very high rate of HIV/AIDS, 5% according to WHO estimates. Doctors with Africa Cuamm has been fighting against the disease here for over thirty years. Most recently we developed a pilot project focused on the "Test and Treat" model, adhering to new international guidelines.