The cost of interventions in the countries where Doctors with Africa CUAMM operates was invested:

  • in the Organization’s key cooperation projects and in hundreds of ongoing microsupport activities;
  • to cover operating costs and awareness-building, communications and fund-raising costs.

The direct and indirect beneficiaries were reached thanks to the dedication and commitment of hundreds of local workers and expatriate aid workers. Head office staff was supported by hundreds of volunteers throughout Italy.

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ONLUS expenditure

onlus expenditure cuamm 2014

Project of care, prevention and training costs
The costs for the implementation of onsite projects, costs of project services, other project related costs, project personnel costs.

Operating costs
Costs for personnel managing the facilities, costs for purchasing raw materials, costs for facilities management services, depreciation costs, sundry facility management charges, financial charges, taxes and duties.

Awareness building, communication and fundraising
Costs for communications sector and community relations and fundraising sector services, publications, media relations, events management and communications, development education, donor loyalty, new campaigns, costs for communications and community relations and fundraising sector personnel.


Investments in projects

investments in projects cuamm 2014

ONLUS income

onlus income

Institutional funding

institutional funding cuamm 2014