Laparostomy is a surgical technique enabling the surgeon to leave abdominal fascial edges opened after a laparotomy. This is a useful tool that can be very important in patients with intraabdominal hypertension. Conditions to proceed with the open abdomen operation include: trauma, severe abdominal sepsis, intestinal infarction, and vascular surgery in order to avoid abdominal compartment syndrome, or if a second evaluation is needed to check the condition of the abdomen and the gut.

This technique was used in Aber, Uganda, during surgery on a patient with intestinal obstruction where performing a primary anastomosis during the first operation was at high risk of failure. Open abdomen is a very important technique, relatively new, that can impact positively in treating some surgical patients even in rural hospitals and in the absence of an Intensive Care Unit. Laparostomy should be implemented more in low-income African countries.