Looking back over a year is about remembering so many things: the projects, initiatives, and activities that we experienced together, and the struggles, worries, and hopes we went through “with” Africa and its people, too often forgotten, yet always courageous and vibrant.
The recurring sentiment threading through all of these moments was one of gratitude Only together, joined in the same passionate struggle, can we overcome hardships and difficulties. We want this heartfelt gratitude to keep on being turned into concrete action, supporting the most vulnerable groups, so we can “do more and better with Africa.” Each of us, from where we are, taking courage by our numbers, we persevere together in building a more just world for all.
Don Dante Carraro


Doctors with Africa CUAMM is currently active in 8 countries with:

  • 23hospitals
  • 1.083health facilities
  • 2.233human resources
  • 187.928attended births
  • 11.623health workers trained

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  • Mathernal and child health
  • Nutrition
  • Infectious diseases
  • Training
  • Monitoring, evaluation and research


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42 human resources
37 health facilities supported
1,044,493 € invested in projects
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100 human resources
38 health facilities supported
3,201,793 € invested in projects
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106 human resources
27 health facilities supported
2,617,787 € invested in projects
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110 human resources
370 health facilities supported
2,333,736 € invested in projects
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189 human resources
1,461 extraordinary
95 health facilities supported
7,659,808 € invested in projects
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141 human resources
107 health facilities supported
4,420,468 € invested in projects
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84 human resources
409 health facilities supported
2,676,329 € invested in projects
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In 2017, Doctors with Africa CUAMM NGO-NPO’s expenses totaled €28,076,451. Out of this, 90.8% (€25,475,380) were invested in prevention, treatment, and training projects in the countries where we operate. Operating costs accounted for 4.1% and include the overall management of the organization, staff personnel, financing fees, taxes, and duties. Communication, awareness raising, and fundraising costs accounted for 5.1% including event organization in Italy, publications, media relations, development education, donor engagement, new campaigns, and staff for the communications, local relations and fundraising.

How we raised funds in 2017

How we used the funds